Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (T&C) of Search Me Top (SMT) website ('Company,' 'Website") are about accessing and using the Website, including accessible content contained in it. Accessing the Website by you ('User' or 'Client') will imply your agreement to these terms. Having the authority to enter into an arrangement on a legal entity's behalf is necessary. Without authority, you cannot access and use the Website. You can use the SMT website for assigning projects to the Company, which become contractual after an agreement is made between you and the Company.

T&C Modifications and Updates

These Terms of Conditions can be changed, modified, or updated, and we reserve the right to do so at any time. Posting the revised version of the T&C on this website by the Company will update you about changes or updates. It's your responsibility to check the date of “Last Update”. After any update, your continued use of the Website will imply that you agree to that update.

Ownership and Restrictions

The Company operating the SMT website owns all rights, titles, and interests in the Website, including all of its contents. You may not:

  • Delegate sublicensing, rent, redistribute, trade, delegate, share time, or otherwise misuse for any commercial purpose or make the Website and any Content available to any third party;
  • Use the Website for any illegal activities or distort the Website's and its contents' credibility or performance;
  • Use the Website and its content for any modifications or hack it to ensure you access its restricted parts without permission. For example, you're not authorized to bypass authentication mechanisms like encryption to access restricted records), change, restore, publicly view, trade, imitate, distribute, and build the Website's derivative works. However, any publicly accessible materials can be downloaded and printed. The Company reserves the right to prohibit such activity by taking appropriate legal measures.

Responsibility for Your Information

As long as you and the Company are in agreement, you are responsible for the content you upload, publish, or otherwise provide relating to the Website. On the other hand, the Company is responsible for complying with the agreement, including all its rules and regulations, by delivering the services ordered.

Owner Rights

SMT and its licensors will retain and uphold their rights to all logos, brand names, trademarks, copyrights, patents, and patent applications associated with or relevant to the Site. By agreeing to these T&Cs, the Company does not grant you any rights whatsoever.


Any information shared between the User and SMT or by the User to SMT, like pricing details, is considered proprietary and kept confidential. No party is authorized to disclose this information to any third party unless it is already publicly accessible.

Use of Intellectual Property

By posting your information on the Site, you allow the Company to use it solely for providing website services. The Company doesn't sell your content to third parties unless necessary for website services. You are responsible for your content and agree it doesn't infringe on third-party rights.

Comments and Feedback

You have the right to make comments or give feedback on the Website regarding its products and/or services. By doing so, you agree that:

(a) Any comment or feedback made by you is voluntary, and the Company reserves the right to use it whenever it wants or requires;

(b) You won't be paid for or acknowledged for your feedback/comments;

(c) Your feedback/comments are not confidential for you or any third party.


You're responsible and agree that your activities or actions on the Website and the Company's ownership and use of your content won't violate the Company's legal rights. Similarly, misuse of any third party's copyright, trademark, privacy, and other proprietary rights is prohibited. Any content you upload on or submit to the Website should not be offensive, pornographic, illegal, defamatory, or disrespectful.


SMT website has registered trademarks, graphics, and logos, which are also associated with the Company's associates. Other trademarks on the Website belong to their respective owners. You can use our trademarks with our written permission, and you allow the Company to validate your identity, email, or financial details if needed. Not submitting requested information breaches this agreement. By accessing or using your account, you agree that the security measures taken by the Company are reasonable.

Promotional Offers and Discounts

We offer promotional deals that are directly associated with a fair user policy. The Company reserves the discretionary right to change or update promotional offers, discounts, and pricing without informing you.

No Warranty Policy

The Company does not guarantee the Website, its content, and elements related to the server and network are available with any warranty. You acknowledge that the Company doesn't or can't guarantee uninterrupted, swift, secure, error-free, or virus-free access to the Website. No information or services we deliver to you would give rise to any warranty as defined in these T&Cs. The Company can exercise its right to take any of the actions mentioned below without prior notice:

  • To change, suspend or terminate access;
  • To make adjustments or amendments;
  • To disrupt or impede the Website's operation or any part for any purpose required for upkeep, error correction, or other modification.

Limited Liability

The Company does not charge you for using the website and the content in conformity with these T&C. You acknowledge that there is no liability on the Company to you for any damages, whether incidental, consequential, indirect, exceptional, punitive or exemplary. The exclusion of limited liabilities for incidental or consequential damages is disallowed in some States and other jurisdictions. In such instances, the Company's liability will be limited to the maximum extent permitted by State law.

Dispute Policy

These T&Cs require you to follow their rules and regulations, exclusively applying without any conflicts. In any proceeding by or against each of the parties, each party consents irrevocably and unconditionally and submits to exclusive jurisdiction. T&Cs and Privacy Policy, under any changes or adjustments made by the Company, shall constitute an entire agreement between the parties concerning the portions of the Site available without an account ID or password. Availability to password-restricted parts of the Website is often subject to additional agreements. In case of proceeding by or against each of the parties (the Company and the User), both parties agree to conform to a specific court's jurisdiction or legal authority without the ability to cancel or challenge this decision. Any changes, modifications, or updates to these T&Cs, including the Privacy Policy, will constitute the agreement between the Company and you regarding the entire Website accessible without requiring an account ID or password. You are restricted to access certain parts/pages of the Website. Such parts/pages of the Website restricted by passwords may require you to agree to and abide by additional terms or agreements not included in the standard T&Cs.

Entire Agreement

All policies made by the Company, including T&Cs, Privacy Policy, and all other legal notices or statements mentioned on the Website, constitute an agreement between you and the Company. Once an agreement is made, all these policies will replace all electronic, oral, and written contracts constituted earlier.

Refund Policy

The Company also serves clients through a comprehensive refund policy, which will not be applied if,

  • You have chosen a discounted package.
  • The approval of a primary concept related to the chosen service has been made.
  • Revisions have been demanded.
  • You hired any service for urgent or prompt delivery.
  • There are matters not associated with the Company.
  • You do not respond or are out of contact for more than 2 weeks of the project.
  • Violation of the Company's policies, or policy, has been made.
  • The brief form (must be filled by the user) lacks relevant or required project information.
  • A complete change to the primary project requirements has been made or demanded.
  • Your refund claim has crossed the specified timeframe.
  • The Company is discontinuing its operations or changing its name or business.
  • Reasons, such as 'change of mind', 'conflict or difference of opinion with partner,' or others that are not associated with the chosen service.
  • You subscribe to a specific service package and are not satisfied with a particular service. However, the refund will be applied only on a particular service.
  • The project has been completed.
  • The website design has been approved and sent to the development department.
  • If your project is outsourced to the third party with your consent.

Note: SMT reserves the right to keep or reject any project or revoke the contract at any time without any prior notice. Once we have issued you a refund or a dispute arises, you will have no rights to own or use the website or app designs for any purpose because the Company will own them. You can claim a refund by sending an email to info@searchmetop.com. Our billing department will soon contact you and initiate the process with a thorough analysis of the matter.